My name is Vanessa Ramirez.

I am a Graphic Designer during the day and I make arty stuff at night. I sculpt, draw, and make cute resin monsters.


Updated and cleaned up

Website is once again updated. Decided to go with a very clean simple layout and tried something new with my portfolio area. Need to update a couple more things but over all I am pleased. Now I can get back to some fun arty stuff. Have some fun stuff coming up in the next few months. For one Come November I will be sharing a booth with my favorite blogger, Hana in the Supachute booth at DesignerCon. I will post more info as the event gets closer.

Hello folks!

So it seems that this is the place curious people are being sent to find out who I am. My name is Vanessa. I like coffee and toys. There are other things I like but those are the important ones. This is my website but it has more of my day job work. I am working on updating it but until then if you are curious about the things I make or why you saw my name somewhere please go here www.vanessaramirez.blogspot.com

Thanks for having a look :)